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Welcome to our Erasmus+ Project

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Six European Schools Sharing a Common Vision

I am a Child and I have Rights

We are in an Erasmus Project with schools in Germany, England, Spain and Portugal.

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Teachers visited our school in May as part of our Erasmus project. The theme of the visit is digital manipulation of images.

Children did artwork based on the theme of Chilren's Rights

The 5th classes did drama on the theme of migrants' experiences with students from Mary Immaculate Training College.

The Ersamus Committee is Yeva, Tara, Anna, Leah, Matthew, Killian and Vitaly from the 4th and 5th classes.

The Committee taught the classes about the schools in the four other countries.

Niamh O Dea's third class doing the blog on children's rights.

Mr Kennedy's class doing Chritmas Cards for Bolton Brow Academy, England

The pupils from all the schools learn about each other.

This short presentation tells us about the Spanish school.

This is the presentation we showed the British children about our school.

This is the about the German school in our project.

This is a presentation about the Polish school.