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Student Council - Academic Year 2023/2024

Meet our new Student Council for 2023/2024.

5th Classes: Olivia Chan (Ms. A. Barron), Robin Stack (Ms Bennis ), Juliette Kenihan (Ms. O’Connell/Ms. Slattery)

6th Classes: Ava O'Farrell (Ms. O’Sullivan), Felix Szczepankowski – Ms. N Barron), Oliver Loughran (Mr. Hutton)

We will be meeting every Wednesday and look forward to outlining our priorities for the school year ahead.

Keep tuned in to our page for constant updates

Student Council

Student Council - Academic Year 2022/2023

Student Council

Meet our new Student Council for 2022/2023.

5th Classes: Katie O’Flynn (Mr. Tobin), Ciara McGee (Ms Bennis ), Samuel Adedara Oyeyemi-Crysler (Ms. O’Connell)

6th Classes: Daniel Hartigan (Ms. O’Sullivan), Grace Brosnahan – Ms. Roche/Ms Barron), Glenn Leo Jojy (Mr. Walsh)

We will be meeting every Wednesday and look forward to outlining our priorities for the school year ahead.

Keep tuned in to our page for constant updates

Student Council


Student Council

Student Council - Academic Year 2021/2022

Meet our new Student Council for 2021/2022. Kerron Nzeffe, Calum McMahon, Cian Dobbie,Padraig Murphy, Hanna Czapar, Niamh Sweeney

We will be meeting every Wednesday and look forward to outlining our priorities for the school year ahead.

Keep tuned in to our page for constant updates

Ukraine Fundraiser

We would like to express our gratitude for all who donated to our Fundraiser on Friday, March 4th in support of Ukraine. Thanks to your Student Council for organising this fundraiser.

We are thrilled to advise that €2,529 was raised, this was a fantastic achievement. A cheque was presented to Fr Seamus Enright in the Redemptorist Church where the Redemptorist Fundraising event raised over a phenomenal €350K.

The Redemptorists in Ukraine are offering shelter, food and medical support to those travelling away from the conflict.

Donation to St. Gabriels

Mr Tuohy and our Student Council presented Ms. Kate Sheehan, Fundraising & Marketing Manager, St. Gabriels Centre with a cheque for €500 from our recent Halloween Dress up day on December 1st.

Christmas Door Winners

Our Student Council have been very busy this year looking after our cyclists and walkers (giving out hi-viz jackets and lights for bikes) organising Food Appeals and spreading Christmas cheer throughout the school through their ‘Christmas Classroom Door competition’.

A big thank you to Ms. Hayes and the Student Council Committee members, Kerron, Calum, Cian, Padraig, Hanna and Niamh.

Check out the winning doors below.....

November Activities

Our Student Council had a busy November....check out the news below.....

Food Dudes

A special thanks to our Student Council, Teachers and our Carektaker Mike who helped distribute to all classes and to Ms. Hayes for organising this event in our school. It was a massive undertaking each day and would not have happened without the inhouse support.

Below are pictures from Ms. O’Dea’s, Ms. Kelly and Ms. McGrath’s Senior Infant class enjoying their daily menu of fruit and veg from Food Dudes

Student Council - Academic Year 2020/2021

The role of St. Paul's Student Council is to provide opportunities for students to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life.

These students from 5th and 6th class were elected by their classmates to represent them on the council. We will be meeting every Wednesday and look forward to outlining our priorities for the school year ahead.

Meet our new Student Council . Isabella Phayer, Aidan McSweeney, Sophie Mulcahy, Anna Fatyga, Robert Zabinski, Terry Fitzgerald (missing from the photo)

Keep tuned in to our page for constant updates

End of Year note from the Student Council, 2021

And thats a wrap. The Student Council had their final meeting and activity this week. They conducted a follow up travel survey to assess the success of their recent poster competition. They went to every class in the school and counted the numbers of those who are now choosing to walk, cycle & scoot to school as well as those who travel by car or bus.

The results were incredibly positive as they showed that in every class from Junior Infants to 6th Class there was a significant increase in the numbers walking, cycling, and scooting to school. Well done to everyone on this and lets keep up this healthy choice.

The Student Council made their final announcements to the school on Thursday June 17th and they each took a turn to address everyone in the school. They spoke of the broad range of activities that they had gotten involved in throughout their year on the council, and they all encouraged everyone to get involved with the Student Council next year.

The Student Council worked extremely hard all year. They have built on their organisational., leadership and public speaking skills and should be incredibly proud of themselves.

They ended on a little sweet note!!!

Student CouncilStudent CouncilStudent Council

June 2021 News - Poster Competition from our Student Council

The Student Council have been extremely busy over the past month. Every week a member of the council addresses the whole school over the intercom. In this way they keep everyone up to date with what is going on.

Recently they organised a poster competition. The aim of the competition was to raise awareness around the topic of travelling to school by walking, cycling and scooting. The interest in the competition was excellent and the standard of the posters was fantastic.

Many of the teachers have displayed their posters outside their classrooms and it is having a very positive effect on all the children. It is obvious to see the increased numbers of children who are choosing to leave the cars at home and walk, cycle or scoot to school.

The winning poster in each standard received a lovely prize of a 10 euro voucher for Eason's and these were presented to the winners by the Student Council at a prizegiving ceremony on Wednesday June 2nd.

The winners were Hazel Moran-Junior Infants, Oisin Kiely - Senior Infants, Clara Wallace - 1st Class, Sarah Binu Chacko and Robyn Stack - 2nd class, Felix Szczepankowski - 3rd class, Nicola Paduch - 4th class, Darya Sidorova - 5th Class, Nelli Rasko - 6th Class

Student Council

May 2021 News from our Student Council

Check out the Student Council News as highlighted in our monthly newsletter below.....

This month they plan to get involved in the promotion of active ways of traveling to school . They have come up with the idea of a poster competition as a way to bring a focus to this. Watch this space for more info as the month progresses.

Student CouncilStudent Council

April 2021 News from our Student Council

We recently received a GREEN SCHOOL newsletter from an Taisce.

The Student Council discussed much of its contents and have looked at some of the initiatives.

Two dates for your diary are: 19th to 23rd April-Marine Week AND 16th to 20th May-Walk to school week

On Tuesday, April 13th, Aidan McSweeney, one of the student council members spoke to the whole school over the intercom about Marine Week.Each teacher would hope to do at least one lesson on some aspect of Marine Life over the next few weeks.

Most our children live within 1-2km of our school so on Walk to School Week, we will encourage everyone to walk, cycle and scoot to school.The safe routes to school programme has been launched by the Dept. of Transport and supports active travel to school.We are looking to improve safety around our school and to improve access routes to school for cyclists and walkers.We have already engaged with the County Council and are awaiting to see how they are going to support us going forward.

Each week, there will be a weekly announcement over the Intercom from one of our council members.

Student Council

The Student Council have been distributing Hi Vis jackets to the children in the school who cycle to school every day. They are moving towards also giving them to those who walk to school and will be going around to the classes in the next couple of weeks. They are on a campaign to help promote children travelling to school in as active a way as possible.

Thanks so much to the Lily and Saoirse in Ms. O'Dea's class for the photos.

The Student Council will be talking some more about their plans in their weekly Tuesday bulletin over the intercom

Student Council

Student Council Final Meeting of 2020

The Student Council has their final meeting of 2020 on Wednesday December 16th. At the meeting they reflected on all the work and events which they have been involved with since September.

They are looking forward to continuing this excellent work in 2021 and their first meeting will take place on January 13th.

We finished up on a sweet note......

Student Council

Christmas Classroom Door Competition

Our Student Council definitely spread some Christmas Cheer throughout the school during December.They organised a competition for the best decorated CHRISTMAS CLASSROOM DOOR.

CHECK OUT THE FANTASTIC VIDEO which they created from the incredible collection of Christmas Door designs throughout the school from every class.

THE WINNING CLASSROOM DOORS WERE: Ms. O'Malley, 1st Class, Ms O'Dea, 4th Class, Mr. Kirby, 5th Class and Mr T.O'Brien/Ms. Gloster, SEN Class.


Last but not least A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Ms. Hayes and the STUDENT COUNCIL for their organisation of this great event in our school

Student Council, November 23rd 2020

The S.C. have undertaken a travel survey of the entire school and the results of this will be displayed on the Student Council Board.

The reason they took the survey is to raise the numbers of people for walking and cycling to school. We hope more people will choose these healthy ways of coming to school. They are planning on having a competition to help promote this and we are working on our ideas at the moment. More details will follow.

To follow are some graphs they have put together...............more will follow very shortly.

Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

Christmas is on our radar now and they have a few things planned. The first thing is to get all classes to decorate their classroom door. The theme of course is Christmas. We suggest that you begin your door on November 30th and have it ready by December 4th. We will take photos of all the doors and get them posted on the school app. There will also be some prizes also. Let's get creative with this.

Student Council

Student Council, November 2020

The Student Council were delighted to meet with Councillor Daniel Butler today and have their photograph taken with him and Mr. Tuohy in front of the new bike racks.

They also had a good discussion around their ideas for promoting walking and cycling to school which they are in the process of organising.

A huge thank you to all involved in the provision of these new bike racks, we are looking forward to getting great use out of them.

Many thanks also to Ms. Hayes for co-ordinating weekly meetings with our Student Council.......

Each month the Student Council will publish an article in the School Newsletter.......make sure you keep tuned in.....

Student Council

Student Council Notice Board, October 2020

The Student Council have been very busy lately. They have had a number of meetings and have identified their priorities for the year ahead.

They have met with Mr. Tuohy and outlined their ideas. He discussed each item with them and indicated where the council’s input will be very valuable.

One of the first priorities is to encourage more pupils to walk and cycle to school. The council is actively working on this and more details will follow soon.

Sophie & Aidan also updated the Student Council board. This is where staff and students can see what is currently going on.

Student Council

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