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Update Sept 2019

We are now back in our new state-of-the-art school in Dooradoyle and it was well worth the wait. Take a moment to browse through the video and some of the pictures below which will give you a taste of our new school.

Update June 2019

Our school building is on target to open to all students on Monday, Sept 2nd, 2019. It has been a long wait but will be well worth it.

There will be a one way system in operation around the school whereby a drive and drop policy will prevail. We will post information/map on our school app and website closer to the time.

Our school will be strictly a ’NO PARKING’ zone before and after school. We will have a number of volunteers to assist during the first few days back so please be patient with us. Many thanks in advance for your help and support during the first week or so.

It would be a very good idea to encourage your children about walking/cycling to school. Maybe over the Summer months you could team up with some neighbours to organise this with your children.

Keep a watchful eye over the Summer as we post updates…..

Update Jan 2019

Some recent pictures of our school from our builder.....steady progress being made

Article on the Limerick Leader re: our new school

Click here to read..

Update 21-Nov-2018

Some recent pictures of our school from our's full steam ahead!!

Proposed Playground

Proposed playground and equipment for our new school.

Updated pictures will follow during the month of progress

Update 23-August-2018

Some recent picture of our site from the builder.....all going according to plan

Update 15-June-2018

Article from the builder.......

‘Conack Constructions on site team are on programme and on budget with this project. Good weather over the last few weeks has helped up a lot with groundwork’s. The development will consist of the replacement of existing temporary prefabricated classroom into a new two storey extension comprising of the demolition of existing school single storey central block and replacement with a two storey 8 classroom block with GP Hall, with a total gross floor area 2,311m2; the refurbishment of the 2nd existing two storey classroom blocks totalling 1925m2; and all ancillary accommodation. Site development works also include car parks, set down areas and recreational areas.’ 

Update 16-May-2018

Check out the pictures below to see progress.

The middle section of the old school has been knocked and the foundataion is being prepared for the middle section of the New School and work has begun on the lower part of the school where the sports field was.

Update 9-April-2018

On Monday April 9th 2018, Conack Construction Ltd commenced work on our new school building. It is wonderful to see the work finally commence.

We will keep you posted throughout the coming months……

Update 12-March-2018

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that building works will soon begin at our school in St. Paul’s N.S. It is indeed an exciting time for the whole community of Dooradoyle and beyond, at this long awaited project begins.

The new school building will no doubt serve to bring life and vibrancy into the whole community. Historically our school has facilitated various community groups and we endeavour to continue this practice.

The project will provide a 21st century school environment for the children, parents and staff. It will also continue to support our parish of St. Paul’s and provide parking adjacent to the church.

A new road structure and traffic system will be in operation and this will no doubt impact in a very positive way in our area.

We thank you for your help and continuing support and look forward to enhanced facilities for our whole community. The completed project should come to fruition by the end of August 2019.

Time Line : Commencement notice to be issued in the next week or so and take over of the site by ‘Conack Construction’ will begin 14 days from that time.

Update 6-Feb-2018

The dept has examined the tenders and concurs with the recommendation of our Design Team that the most economically advantageous tender received from Conack Construction Ltd be accepted. As mentioned on Jan 29th a Tender Report Supplement which proves that the builder can complete the job is being compiled to send to the planning and building unit of the Dept of Education. Based on all conditions being met the Dept will issue a letter to the school authorising the Board of Management of St. Paul’s School to issue a letter of acceptance.

We hope to have this process completed by end of February so that we can our project started.

Exciting times ahead!!!

Update 29-Jan-2018

The Dept have given the green light to a local builder who now has to prove that he is DES compliant i.e submit Insurance, Finance details etc to the Dept to ensure that he can complete the job in approx. 15 months.

This process takes approx. 3 weeks so we are still on target to start end of February.

Update 22-Jan-2018

A local builder has been appointed and the Design Team have sent the final tender contract to the Dept.

We hope to have builders on site end of February/early March.

Update 19-December-2017

Stage 3 - The tender process is NOW complete.

7 builders were short-listed and one will be appointed by the Dept very shorty so that works can begin.

Update Nov-2017

All prefabs have been removed from our school in Dooradoyle and all pupils and staff are in situ in our new temporary accommodation in Scoil Carmel.

We are currently at Stage 3: Tendor Stage. This is the last stage prior to the commencement of construction whereby building contractors submit their tendors, a contractor is appointment and construction begins.

We will update you via this webpage on progress as we move through the year.

Exciting times ahead for St. Paul's.

To follow, please find Architect drawings of our New School.



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